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Alberta Floor Safety specializes in epoxy floor coatings in Edmonton and the surrounding communities. Our epoxy flooring solutions are used in commercial, industrial, and residential applications throughout Alberta. Epoxy is an excellent choice for protecting and beautifying concrete floors. It is not only attractive; it can last up to 25 years depending on the coating used and the quality of its installation.

Epoxy Floor Coating Popularity

From Edmonton and a multitude of other areas across Alberta, epoxy flooring is growing in popularity. From garage floors, to basements, to laundry rooms, epoxy flooring is chosen as a durable, affordable, safe, and attractive solution. With so many decorative options to choose from the possibilities are limitless. Commercial uses for epoxy flooring have expanded. Epoxy is often the first type of flooring considered for the hotel and hospitality industry, medical facilities, businesses, retail stores, showrooms, kennels, and warehouses. Epoxy floor coatings are also widely used in a variety of industrial and institutional facilities that include manufacturing plants and schools.

Advantages of Epoxy Floor Finishes

  • Durability – Concrete floors coated in epoxy last countless years.  They are simply the most durable floors that resist daily wear.
  • Tough – Epoxy is a hard-wearing durable surface able to withstand heavy and continuous traffic
  • Resistance – Resists oil, chemicals, and water
  • Attractive – With a variety of colors and styles you have so many options including decorative patterns, flakes, glitters and much more.
  • Maintenance – Epoxy floor coatings are easy to clean. Grease, dirt, dust easily wipe off the non-porous surface.
  • Safety – Epoxy coatings are resistant to slippage, impact, heat, and fire. The high gloss coating possibility can also significantly improve lighting in your facility.
  • Lighting – Creates a shiny high-gloss finish that significantly increases the brightness of interior areas.

Environmentally Friendly – Epoxy coatings are a green choice as added flooring materials are not needed.


An Ideal Concrete Coating System

Alberta Floor Safety offers high quality Polyaspartic Floor Coatings in Edmonton and the surrounding communities in Alberta. Polyaspartics is a technologically advanced resin that combines all the advantages of other epoxy and urethane coatings.

Why Choose Polyaspartic Floor Coatings?

Polyaspartic resin is like polyurethane and epoxy. It is an industrial hybrid coating that is exceptionally durable and high-performance. It is also scratch and chemical resistant, anti-slip, and has superior adhesion to concrete. Unlike epoxy and polyurethane coating systems, polyaspartic floor coatings can be installed in just hours, not days.

Advantages of Polyaspartic Resin

Polyaspartic floor coatings, in addition to their durability and resistance to various chemicals, has advantages that make it the better choice for refinishing your concrete floors.

  • Resists oil and chemical spills, corrosion from salt and is easy to clean
  • Does not become yellowed with age and is stain resistant
  • Is durable in extreme heat and stays flexible in freezing temperatures
  • Can be applied year-round in any weather
  • It is safer for confined spaces with less ventilation due to lower-VOC emissions

Due to rapid curing times, applications can be performed in one day and can be walked on 6 hours after the job is complete

Alberta Floor Safety installs polished concrete floors in Edmonton that are attractive, durable, and economical. We are known for supplying high quality commercial and residential work that meets or exceeds industry standards.

When installing polished concrete flooring we do not cut corners. For each job we perform all the necessary steps are taken to properly prepare your floor to ensure a flawless, long lasting finish. This includes repairing all surface cracks, leveling uneven floors, grinding floors for desired exposure, densifying and hardening the surface, polishing, and sealing.


Finishes for Polished Concrete Floors 

There are a wide range of finishes available for commercial and residential use. Custom and unique quartz finishes can be obtained that are strong, durable, and scratch resistant. You can choose between a matte or glossy finish and add a unique design such as a business logo.

Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

High Durability – Polished concrete flooring is extremely strong and durable with a lifespan that far surpasses other floor covers. It can withstand heavy foot and equipment traffic and is difficult to damage.

Less Maintenance – A professionally installed, sealed, and kept polished concrete floor can last more than a hundred years. Dirt, grime, and other debris are easily wiped off. Damp mopping once a week to remove scuffs and water marks is all that is usually needed. Added maintenance may be needed with other types of floor finishes. Polished concrete floors do not require any waxing or stripping to support the sheen.

Cost Effective – The long lifespan of polished concrete far surpasses that of other floor coverings. This means money can be saved as there is no need to remove and replace worn or damaged flooring. The cost savings and long-life expectancy of this type of flooring make it a popular choice for offices, schools, retail stores, clinics, and restaurants.

Aesthetics – The choice of colors and texture effects for concrete floors is limitless. We love to bring old drab concrete surfaces to life.

Sanitary – Properly polished and sealed concrete floors are non-porous meaning they prevent liquids and contaminants from getting into the concrete. Therefore, health facilities as well as the hotel and hospital industries are choosing this type of flooring over others. Done properly, the surface of your floor will resist bacteria and other similar contaminants.

Safety – We often install non-slip epoxy coatings to help prevent slips and falls.

Brighter Spaces – High gloss finishes help increase ambient lighting. The increased light reflection makes this type of flooring ideal for retail outlets, showrooms, restaurants, and offices where a clean, bright, and professional image is needed.

Chemical and Solvent Resistant – Polished concrete floors can be sealed with a chemical-resistant epoxy to protect your floor against harsh chemicals and solvents.

Environmentally Friendly – Polished concrete floors do not have harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) unlike carpeting, wood laminate, and vinyl flooring materials.

Residential & Commercial Uses

Residential – The most common uses for residential polished concrete surfaces include kitchens, dining areas, verandas, patios, porches, pool decks, basements, and garages. For Edmonton homeowners, concrete polished flooring means the elimination of dust, easy maintenance, and environmental friendliness. Other benefits include abrasion resistance, reduced porosity, and the durable marble-like shine.

Commercial / Industrial – For commercial areas, polished concrete is more resistant to high foot traffic and needs little maintenance. The hard-polished concrete finish is a very sustainable flooring choice since it does not require any adhesives or hazardous cleaners. Polished concrete is often used for retail outlets, restaurants, showrooms, warehouses, gyms, offices, hospitals, and clinics. We also install polished concrete in a variety of industrial facilities such as manufacturing plants and distribution centers.

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